Monday, October 1, 2012

Git push error: RPC failed; result=55, HTTP code = 0

Today I had some problem pushing my data on a git repository.
The data was some MB and the error message when I did the push was

   fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
   error: RPC failed; result=55, HTTP code = 0

If you get this error, it's because you are trying to push a large delta to the repository and your push buffer is not big as needed.

The solution is to increase your buffer size with this command:

   git config http.postBuffer 1024000

This will add a line in your config file with the specified value.
Set the value to what you need.
The http.postBuffer configuration value is exactly the maximum size in bytes of the buffer used by smart HTTP transports when POSTing data to the remote system (source).

EDIT: 2014/02/06
An user (Matej Sychra) in a commet report you need a value bigger than 1024000 for lager repository.
Thanks Matej!

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